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About the Portal

Public information portal on the performance and transparency of the Portuguese State, covering several areas of interest to citizens and entities.

About the Mais Transparência Portal

The Mais Transparência is a platform that allows citizens to access information made available by the State in a more accessible way, reinforcing their relationship of trust with the Public Administration.

Mais Transparência implements measure 70 of the Simplex 2020/2021 program and, with regard to the thematic area “European Funding”, the portal will evolve to fully implement what is stipulated in Art. 360 of the State Budget Law (Law No. 75-B/2020 of December 31).

The traveled path

Transparency is one of the essential values of any democracy..

More than a rendering of accounts, transparency is also one of th pillars of citizenship.

A permanent challenge to share information in a clear and intelligible way with civil society, facilitating their participation in topics that affect everyone in their daily lives.

The Mais Transparência assumes itself as a relevant tool in this whole process of sharing and involvement.

From the very beginning, the voice of the citizen was an essential part of the construction of the portal. In order to incorporate citizens' ideas, concerns and desires, interviews, questionnaires, and co-creation workshops were carried out.

Listening to citizen in the construction of a strategic vision for the Mais Transparência Portal helped not only to place people at the center of all concerns and attention but also to enrich the valuable strategic and operational work done by many of the professionals and teams at Public Administration, who participated in the creation of this portal.

The involvement of citizens with special needs in the design and testing of the platform made it possible to incorporate improvements guaranteeing accessibility to all citizen.


The Mais Transparência Portal is…


It asserts a posture of rigor and objectivity in the treatment of all published information.


Certifies the use of the best data sources.


It allows the consultation of the most recent existing information.


Recognizes the importance of simplifying the language and presentation of information.


It guarantees that the information translates concrete concepts, applicable to the daily lives of citizens.


It integrates dozens of relevant open data sources for the transformation into useful information for citizens.

Ever-evolving platform

The contents of the Mais Transparência Portal will cover a very broad set of thematic areas of the relationship between citizens and the State at its different levels.

However, it is essential to bear in mind that the set of these areas is not closed and will grow over time, ensuring the versatility of the platform.