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Beneficiaries and projects

Easily and quickly find the reference to all beneficiaries and projects funded through Portugal 2020.

Transparency in funding

Portugal 2020 is built on projects and public and private organisations capable of implementing and carrying out all these initiatives. Projects and organisations are two of the most important parts of the country's development strategy, across a range of thematic areas and throughout the national territory.

To guarantee complete transparency in how the funding is applied, here you can browse through all the organisations receiving funding, as well as the projects carried out by each.


A public or private organisation, or a natural person, responsible for the implementation (start-up and execution) of projects.


Operation or set of operations that have been selected by the programme's managing authorities and which contribute to achieving the defined priorities.

Practical Results

The successful implementation of projects results in significant achievements across Portugal 2020's different thematic areas.

Discover practical results

For more information, contact the “Independent Commission for the monitoring and inspection of Special Measures for Public Procurement”.

The mission of CIMEC is to monitor and oversee the procedures adopted under the legal regime for special public procurement measures, as well as the conclusion and execution of the relevant contracts.

It is responsible for making recommendations to organisations and drawing up assessment reports published online, ensuring transparency and fairness in these. This information can be found on the public procurement portal and on the CIMEC portal.

Visit the BASE Portal