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Find out and get to know in detail each of Portugal's municipalities, all their main characteristics, key indicators and differentiating factors.

Portuguese municipalities

As a country abundantly endowed with traditions and culture, Portugal also boasts an economic buoyancy that shifts according to the specific features of each area. Countless opportunities and attributes that greatly depend on the specificities of each municipality.

The municipalities and their unique relationship with the local populations are, indeed, one of the great assets of the country's administrative structure. These entities are closely aligned with the people and understand their realities thoroughly.


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Continental Portugal


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Autonomous Region of Madeira


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Autonomous Region of the Azores

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Travel through the municipalities

To explore Portugal's municipalities is no small feat. There is plenty to discover and even more to know. Nevertheless, our quest is to make this journey as simple as possible, which is why we present below a few facts about Portugal's municipalities that are well worth keeping in mind.

Whilst there is much more to say, some of which we would advise you to explore when analysing a specific municipality, these indicators provide a glimpse into our country's depth.


Total resident population

Municipality with the largest resident population


547348 inhab.

Municipality with the largest surface


1720,6 km2

Municipality with the most inhabitants per km2


Municipality with the lowest aging rate

Ribeira Grande

Municipality with the highest average monthly income


Municipality with the highest migratory growth rate

Arruda dos Vinhos

Municipality with the highest turnover


79,4 billion €